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Academy West Investments, LLC invests in off-campus student housing. We purchase well located properties in high demand areas, then we revive and customize them to the needs of modern-day college students and their families.

Value Add

Value Add

Renovations, rehabilitation, upgrades, new features
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Ground Up Development

Ground Up Development

Planning, design, architecture, construction
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Property management and minor upgrades
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Honesty and integrity cannot be bought. They are cultivated, diligently, little by little, over a lifetime of good decisions and hard work.

– Blake Wettengel, CEO  

Our Value


Our team comes from a diverse range of professional backgrounds including:

  • commercial real estate
  • investments
  • real estate, corporate and tax law
  • construction and development
  • construction management
  • accounting and finance
  • architectural design
  • business and entrepreneurship

Our Value


We take pride in the fact that in addition to our depth and breadth of experience, we are also accomplished, successful, respected, and skilled at what we do.

Our partners, investors, and employees appreciate that we have created a culture of hard work and innovation, as well as respect, trust, and honesty, and we have a track record of success to show for it.

Our Value


We’re known for our design innovation and ability to spot unique opportunities for excellent ROI.

From rehabilitation to renovation to ground up development, we’re on the cutting edge of planning, design, architecture, and development.

We make it our business to know what’s important to modern day college students and their families, and we design accordingly. We strategically maintain below average construction costs without sacrificing quality, to make housing both affordable and attractive to students.

Academy West Investments logo

Our Team

Blake Wettengel

Chief Executive Officer

Tanya Muro

Chief Operating Officer

Craig Peterson

Chief Development Officer

Jennifer Welker

Senior Vice President, Finance

Kevin Zinke

Senior Vice President, Project Management

Our Partners

Our partners invest in us, and we in them. We are grateful to have earned their trust and partnership.

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